"I want a technology job in banking, but I have a criminal record"

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I’m looking for some advice. I’m a software developer and I want to work on Wall Street, but I have a criminal record and am concerned that this will prevent me from getting a job.

My record relates to the distant past, but I was pretty violent. I went to prison and was released in 2004, around 15 years ago. My life since has completely changed.

For the past ten years I’ve been a single father to a smart, sweet and wonderful son. I’ve put myself through college and, as an undergraduate, I studied hard enough to win scholarships – which I won around 10 of. I’ve had multiple paid internships in the sciences sector as my degree is in biology. I was accepted into a PhD program, but ultimately decided that was not something I wanted to do.

I am now drawn to finance. I am subscribed to the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and the Economist and read the financial news every day. I want to earn money doing the right thing and to set an example for my son. I have an interview with a large bank coming up this week and am lining up others through my network. However, I am concerned that when I disclose my criminal history, I will be immediately dropped.

I am a changed man and the past is a different country. In 15 years I have become a different person and turned my life around. Will banks take this into consideration? Or will they always focus on my history?

Any advice (in the comments box below) would be greatly appreciated.

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