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For Janae, a Client Management Representative at Fidelity Investments, one of the most exciting aspects of working for the firm is the career development opportunities it offers.

After graduating college in 2008, Janae began her career as an Internal Wholesaler for a large firm, before becoming a recruiter for financial advisors. But in 2017, the company was sold, and all of its staff were laid off.

“That is when I started job hunting. I looked around at several places and decided that Fidelity was a good fit for me because they were large enough to provide ample opportunity and seemed to have a good culture.”

Even though it meant taking a step back in her career, Janae was confident Fidelity would offer her the training and opportunities she needed to progress.

Janae has been with Fidelity for 13 months, and in that time her hard work has already led to a promotion. “A huge consideration for me when I chose Fidelity was the size of the company. The nice thing about working for a company that is large is that there are really endless possibilities for career advancement,” she says.

Janae points out that Fidelity offers very clear paths to get to certain strategic positions, such as a Financial Consultant. “But the great thing is that there are multiple paths to get there. I definitely feel that there is great upward mobility here.”

Extensive training

Janae has been impressed by the training opportunities Fidelity offers its associates, particularly when they change departments, as well as the way they support them in obtaining additional designations, such as Certified Financial Planner certification, including providing tuition reimbursement.

Alongside the formal training opportunities, she has also been struck by the atmosphere at Fidelity and the support she has received from her colleagues. “Your colleagues help to train you, which is hugely important. You just feel so welcome to ask questions."

“In this industry, being in an environment where you feel comfortable approaching your peers and asking them for help really makes a difference,” she says.

Impressive benefits

Alongside the professional development opportunities Fidelity offered, Janae was also attracted by its benefits package.

“For me, the biggest draw was the retirement benefits, which are a 7% match on the 401(k), plus the potential of 10% profit sharing"*

The company’s health benefits are also highly competitive, with associates being offered the choice between a regular plan and a high deductible plan with the Health Savings Account (HSA). “One really nice thing that Fidelity offers is that they will put money into that HSA every single year for you. For my husband and I, it is $1,000 a year. That is a huge benefit in my view,” Janae says.

She also appreciates the performance-based awards, and thinks the paid time off Fidelity gives its associates compares well with other firms in the industry, starting at 18 days a year, excluding Federal holidays, for new joiners, and rising to 23 days annually after working for the firm for two years.

Rewarding work

Janae’s current position as a Client Management Representative involves reaching out to Fidelity’s clients who are coming up for their annual strategic review.

“What I like most about my role is that I actually get to help people who need it.” She explains that many people are not well informed about financial planning and investing and it is great to be able to assist them in this important area.

“Recently with the market volatility, we have had a lot of calls with clients who are very concerned. What I love most about my job is when I am able to share my experience and my knowledge of this industry to put someone’s mind at ease and help them sleep better.”

Another aspect of working at Fidelity that Janae appreciates is the quality of its managers. “I have had a lot of managers in this industry and having good managers versus poor managers makes a huge impact on how you feel in your career, your personal wellbeing, and how you perform. In the short time that I have been here, my interactions with the managers have been incredibly positive. The two managers I have had have been some of the best, if not the best, I have had in my entire tenure in this industry.”

To anyone thinking of joining Fidelity as a licensed advisor, Janae says: “Working here is very enjoyable and challenging. The great thing about this company is that they really treat you with respect and give you the flexibility that you need, but they expect you to perform at a high level. I like working for a larger firm where I have more options. It is a fun atmosphere, but we also work very hard.”

Learn more about Fidelity’s opportunities here.

*The 10% profit sharing is not available at all work locations.



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