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Why did this obscure fixed income executive at Credit Suisse earn more than anyone else at the bank last year?

Morning Coffee: Mystery of the 38 year-old Credit Suisse trader on $14m. From secretary to head of hedge funds

São Paulo, Brazil - where Machado was based

Credit Suisse pays 'ok'. In 2015, the average material risk taker at the Swiss bank earned $1.7m - 23% less than at UBS, but an ample amount nonetheless. During the same year, Rob Shafir, the bank's America's chairman, earned $8.2m and CEO Tidjane Thiam, who only turned up in July, earned $4.7m for his inaugural six months. Why, therefore, did Sergio Machado, an unheard of fixed income executive in Credit Suisse's São Paulo office, earn $14m, making him the best paid person at Credit Suisse globally? Why indeed.

Machado's mega pay at Credit Suisse only became apparent this week after it was leaked in a set of court documents. Bloomberg reports that it's all bankers in Brazil are talking about.

What did Machado do to deserve such generosity? Tenure and seniority were both on his side: Machado spent 17 years working for Credit Suisse and was managing director and head of Credit Suisse's Brazilian fixed income business. His $14m included "deferred bonuses from previous years." It still seems very high though, especially as José Olympio Pereira, head of Credit Suisse's Brazilian business, recently described market conditions in the country as "the worst" he'd seen in 30 years. Nor can Machado have been that good:he was laid off in a round of redundancies in April this year. 

Machado's mysteriously large pay is made all the enigmatic by the fact that his father, a politician-turned-oil executive, has recently been in court testifying against some of Brazil's top lawmakers. The younger Machado says he has nothing to do with his father's finances. Helpfully, however, he was able to pay $8m of the $22m fine his father agreed to as part of a plea bargain.

Separately, who said you have to get an impossible-to-achieve internship if you want to work in banking? Dawn Fitzpatrick didn't: she started out as a secretary. And now she's head of hedge funds, equity and multi-asset strategies at UBS America. Well. how about that?


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Photo Credit: filipefrazao


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