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A new misfortune has struck the investment bankers at Nomura. And observe this man's career and weep.

Morning Coffee: Nomura’s bankers suffer new humiliation. When you join Goldman Sachs at 21 and everything goes right

The cupboards are bare

The pain has been protracted at Nomura. First the Japanese bank let go of fixed income professionals last summer, allegedly while some of them were on holiday.  Then it unexpectedly closed its cash equities business, along with ECM. Then it cut swathes of juniors from its London IBD team. And now? - Now it seems that Nomura's investment bankers, in the U.S. at least, have been seriously disappointed at bonus time.

Such is their disappointment, that they've gone to the New York Post with their gripes. The Post reports that the bonus pool at Nomura's American investment banking business has been cut by 60%. Managers of the business reportedly asked for a pool of $50m pool to disburse among the 39 remaining members of the team ($1.7m each). Instead, they've been allocated a mere $20m ($500k each). This is after Nomura cut around 50 managing directors in its US investment banking business earlier this month - a move that might've boded well for the bonuses of anyone left behind. .

Nomura bankers in London now have reason to doubt their bonus expectations too. The Japanese bank typically announces its London bonuses in late May, with payment early June. Suddenly there's not much to look forward to. This year's Nomura bonus may well be the old cliché of keeping your job.

Separately, Charles Dunlap at Cerberus Capital Management is some sort of poster boy for gilded youths who join Goldman and do everything right. Dunlap, an American, moved to London in 2006 aged 21, to join Goldman's analyst programme. From Goldman, he moved to distressed debt fund, Cerberus. There. aged just 31, Financial News says Dunlap recently led Cerberus’s acquisition of £13bn of mortgages formerly owned by Northern Rock from the UK government. Dunlap's already been on Financial News's list of top private equity professionals under 40 twice. Given his precocity, he could achieve another nine appearances yet.


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Photo credit: Nomura building by aglet is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • No
    26 April 2016

    Let's get this straight, a reduced bonus of "only" US$500k and they are complaining to the NY Post? Boo hoo hoo.

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