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Morning Coffee: The 40-something bankers with indestructible careers. Best dressed man at Goldman Sachs

If you're a 44 year-old banking professional who's always been moderate in your habits, never dabbled in illicit substances, always been solicitous about client service and never been salaciously into client seduction, the resurrected career of Sage Kelly may come as something as a surprise. Of course, 44 year-old Kelly was only ever accused of debauchery and denied all charges leveled by his ex-wife, but his departure from Jefferies in December 2014 seemed to have a ring of finality to it.

Instead, Kelly is back. And not only is he back - he's back in what may yet turn out to be an even bigger and even better position.  At Jefferies, Kelly was the mere head of healthcare investment banking. In his new role at Cantor Fitzgerald, he will be head of all investment banking - little matter that Cantor's team doesn't amount to much more than a few healthcare bankers currently, it could always grow.

Kelly isn't the only 40-something banker whose career has a touch of Teflon. There's also Carsten Kengeter, who having leaped out of banking and into Deutsche Boerse six years ago, is now spearheading the takeover of the London Stock Exchange. Who cares that Kengeter was CEO of UBS in the era of Kweku Adoboli? Who cares that Kengeter was initially listed as an alleged co-conspirator with (the now-jailed) Tom Hayes by the UK's Serious Fraud Office according to the Wall Street Journal? Some people survive. Others don't.

What makes the survivors so special? In the case of Kelly, it might be his depth of contacts in the healthcare industry - when he left Jefferies, the bank suddenly didn't so so well. And as head of investment banking at Cantor, Kelly's notoriety will at least give him some talking points with clients. Kengeter's appeal is more obscure and might be down to muscular determination - he's described as "a burly German with a passion for extreme sports" like ski-racing. He also benefits from credentials (Goldman Sachs partner, UBS investment bank CEO) and a certain deftness of career move: Kengeter quit Goldman Sachs in 2008, mid-financial crisis; he quit UBS in 2013, post-large LIBOR fine. - Don't stay still when there's an avalanche coming your way.

Separately, the Australian Financial Review has alerted the world to Goldman Sachs' recent employment of Philippe Perzi, a financial institutions group (FIG) banker who arrived from Macquarie in December. Perzi, who has been nipping about to Vienna and Manhattan, maintains an active Instagram account populated with photographs of himself and others looking very dapper. Below we have Philippe in Austria, for example... Want to work for Goldman? You'll need the gloves.



Sage Kelly, 'has taken the last dozen-or-so months off to recharge and build up that fire in his belly.' (Vanity Fair)

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“If Britain left the EU, the euro area authorities could no longer tolerate such a high proportion of financial activities involving their currency taking place abroad,” said Christian Noyer, former Bank of France governor. (Bloomberg) 

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“I came out as bisexual during my Lloyds job interview.” (Standards)

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.