Morning Coffee: Meet the bank where profits just fell by 80%, but jobs are safe and everyone is being paid just fine

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Goldman Sachs reported a bad set of third quarter results yesterday. The badness of Goldman's third quarter was, however, nothing compared to the awfulness of Greenhill's. The M&A-focused advisory bank revealed an 80% reduction in third quarter profits when it reported yesterday, leaving it with a painfully thin profit margin of just 4%.

Goldman Sachs cut third compensation accruals by 35% year-on-year to protect its profitability. Greenhill has seemingly decided such measures are not necessary. Compensation expenses at the bank fell a mere 20% in the third quarter and are up 13% year-on-year after a strong first half.

Nor was there any mentions of redundancies. Instead, Greenhill has been doing a bit of hiring. Back in 2012, it recruited the aptly named Luca Ferrari from Goldman Sachs as head of North European M&A and said that Ferrari would focus on expanding Greenhill’s presence across Continental Europe. More recently, it's recruited senior bankers for Brazil and Australia. In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority Register shows that Greenhill's had a steady 16 registered staff since March 2013.

Greenhill's people are mostly M&A bankers, who can always point to their pipeline of coming deals and insist that things will get better soon. However, Greenhill's bankers globally need to hope that the third quarter was a mere anomaly. If not, some difficult decisions could be forced up on them before the end of this year.


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