Brevan Howard partners and the art of recruiter avoidance

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Brevan Howard traders are used to flying under the radar. However, the notoriously secretive hedge fund has been through a very public period of underperformance, which has thrust some previously little-known employees into the spotlight as they’ve been unceremoniously shown the door.

Most recently, Jason Feasey, a senior trader focused on structured credit, and Wayne Leslie, a former Goldman Sachs managing director who had been working at the hedge fund for less than a year, both departed in August.

Inevitably, they will have been receiving some attention from recruiters and headhunters, which despite their newly-unemployed status may not be entirely welcome. How to avoid this?

In Feasey’s case, he’s played down the Brevan Howard connection on his LinkedIn profile and made it very clear that he’ll be finding a new job in his own time, thank you very much. His new job title, he says, is ‘Recruitment Consultant Avoidance’, suggesting that a Brevan Howard pedigree will open enough doors without the constant harassment and help of recruiters on social media.

Leslie, meanwhile, has taken a less obvious route to recruiter avoidance, simply calling himself a ‘Professional’, which will at least go some way to avoid unwanted attention.

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