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Has the Wall Street Snob Retired? The Mooch is Testing the Deep Waters

There is an unwritten rule on post-crisis Wall Street that most bankers follow: limit publicly-flaunted excess. Or put another way: don’t throw your fortunes in the faces of those who bailed you out. A new venture, spearheaded by an investment entrepreneur known affectionately as “The Mooch” doesn’t exactly follow that protocol.

Anthony “Mooch” Scaramucci is joining forces with restaurateurs and investors, including a former Morgan Stanley executive, to launch a Manhattan eatery and club designed for hedge fund managers and private equity professionals with “high to extremely-high disposable income,” according to Bloomberg.

Dubbed The Hunt and Fish Club, which the owners deny is a homage to the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club, an infamous Queens hangout of organized crime boss John Gotti, the restaurant is aimed at providing an alternative to Midtown bars that are “not fun” and too often feature unattractive staffers, according to marketing materials obtained by Bloomberg. Darn public bars with your ugly waitresses.

“All of us want to be made to feel special and privileged, particularly in front of our guests, business associates and clients,” the materials read. Paging Occupy Wall Street: your table for 1,000 is ready.

The club’s opening is planned for December, although stakeholders are still looking to raise $4 million from investors to get it rolling in time. The minimum investment is $50,000. Investors are expected to recoup their initial investment in as little as two years, say the founders.

Wall Street has done an OK job changing its image following the financial crisis. This idea takes them back to the Stone Age.

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A former Goldman Sachs executive secured a loan from the firm using 15,000 bottles of French and Italian fine wine as collateral.

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Buzz Around the Office

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List of the Day: Investment Banking Resumes

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  1. At least three to five years at one firm.
  2. For junior candidates, a record of achievement outside of work.
  3. Clear and concise job descriptions.

(Source: eFinancialCareers)

AUTHORBeecher Tuttle US Editor

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