Ireland would like to hear from Nordic financial services professionals

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The Celtic Tiger may have whimpered into the corner some time ago, but Ireland is still keen to attract Nordic financial professionals for roles on the emerald isle.

According to recruiters on the ground, there are still opportunities to be had for ambitious Nordic bankers, with the much stricter regulatory, capital requirements and compliance climate being set out by financial regulator Matthew Elderfield boosting demand for risk and compliance specialists who have already "been there, done that" in the Nordics.

"There is demand at the moment for a range of relatively senior, quite niche, operations roles, particularly within the insurance arena," explains Ken Harbourne, managing director of Irish financial services recruitment firm Wallace Myers.

"The sorts of opportunities commonly available include chief risk officers, heads of compliance, CFOs and so on.

"Sweden has been through a lot of change when it comes to risk and compliance and its systems are now very robust, which makes Swedish risk professionals attractive to the Irish market," he adds.

The bursting of Ireland's over-inflated property bubble, as well as falling prices generally, if anything, makes a move westwards potentially even more attractive, Harbourne argues.

"Prices have dropped considerably across the board in Ireland, yet salaries in specialist financial services roles such as these has not fallen back, and in some cases have even gone up, which has been completely contrary to the general direction of the market," he says.

Moreover, lower down the ranks, financial service professionals with Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian language skills are being hired for to work within shared services positions within the country's fund administration firms.

Although based in Ireland, the international scope of these organisations means European language skills are highly valued

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