GUEST COMMENT: I had the misfortune to graduate in 2008 and am now trapped in a rubbish job

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Hi I graduated in 2008 having studied Economics at a top 10 university and achieved a 2.1 classification.

I was unable to find a traditional graduate scheme, so took a job with UBS in an operations function (derivatives docs/reporting) and was there for 18 months.

I loved the job and it gave me great experience. However, UBS wanted to outsource my role. Therefore, I left for another graduate scheme at a massive finance firm where I've now been working for 6 months.

I hate this job and have had a few medical issues which meant I failed some or the internal exams (the company showed no flexibility)/ They have also announced that some of us may not go onto the next rotations as the business is cutting headcount.

Therefore, come February I could be out of a job and I don't know what to do.

I don't want to do another graduate training scheme and am looking at operations roles on companies' websites. However, I can't seem to find anything as they all ask for specific experience. I'm part CFA qualified and am flexible regarding both job and industry. I'd really appreciate some advice.

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