The Deutsche, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley guides to interview success

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Goldman Sachs is not the only bank to provide a guide to succeeding at interview. Various other banks do it too. As at Goldman, this advice is usually intended for students. But, as at Goldman it may be of used to lateral hires as well.

If, therefore, you're thinking of interviewing at any of the banks above, here's what they suggest will increase your chances of succeeding.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche doesn't have a comprehensive presentation like Goldman's, but does have a short video titled 'Interview 101' featuring various members of the New York office discussing what they particularly like in their interviewees.

This includes:

· People who 'want Deutsche Bank for life.'

· People who are, 'very well spoken'

· People who 'tell stories' and 'connect the dots' so that the interviewer doesn't have to

· People who are funny but not trying desperately to be a comedian

· People with a 'passion, who want to be persistent, hardworking and have demonstrated an aptitude for success'

· People who will say upfront that they don't know the answer to a question, but who will also say, 'If I had to guess, this is where I would go.'

· People who know exactly why they want to work at Deutsche Bank rather than anywhere else.

Deutsche's bankers also discuss their favourite interview questions which range from:

· Tell me something about yourself that's not on this piece of paper


· What don't you like to do

· Tell me a time when you've been in a situation where you haven't quite met an objective that someone has set out for you and they weren't very happy about it - how did you handle it?


JPMorgan's guide to interview joy is here and is stultifyingly straightforward.

What they do note is that you need to think of real life examples demonstrating that you really do have the skills ('competencies') that are needed for the job BEFORE you go into the interview. And make sure that you smile.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley's guide is written here and is most useful for its list of incredibly generic questions which everyone will unfortunately come across in an interview at some time in their life. These include:

· What are the most important things to you in a job?

· Give me an example of a situation where you motivated others.

· Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team.

· What attracts you to a career in this industry?

· Tell me about a time when you had to develop relationships with others.

· Describe a situation in which it was difficult to obtain information you needed, and how you managed to be successful.

· Describe an instance in which you had a significant impact on a situation.

More interesting than Morgan Stanley's interview guide is arguably Morgan Stanley's new careers video, 'Futures and Options' which depicts the bank as a hip kind of place full of irrepressible laughter and people having 'awesome days.' This is in direct contrast to Goldman Sachs, which is going for a more downbeat message and has someone musing on how life is like a stochastic model.

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