Nordea capital markets shake-up could create new jobs

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Nordea will this autumn undertake a wholesale restructuring of its capital markets function, a move that is expected to include an audit of the numbers of people and types of roles it will need within capital markets in the future.

The bank has appointed former Goldman Sachs managing director Casper von Koskull to lead a new combined corporate merchant banking and capital markets division from this September.

Nordea is bringing its corporate merchant banking, financial institutions and capital markets products divisions together under one umbrella in an effort to make it more attractive business from Sweden's big multi-national corporations.

Historically, many of the big Swedish banks, such as SEB and Handelsbanken, have had close links, or even joint ownership structures, with some of the country's biggest corporations and industrial families such as - in the case of SEB - the Wallenbergs.

The hope is this move will give Nordea - a much younger bank which does not have the benefit of such historical ties - better opportunities in this arena, argues Jan Larsson, head of group identity and communications.

"It is moving the people and the operations from one responsibility and general management to another rather than creating a new function. So in that respect it is not a dramatic change," he says.

"But what is innovative is the fact we are bringing it together with the corporate merchant banking and therefore creating a new unit. This will change how we approach services and the way we can service our large corporate customers.

"We will be able to offer full-scale, high-quality, good-price banking services alongside capital markets products, as well as traditional M&A advice and support.

"In the wake of the financial crisis, during which time we have seen some foreign players withdraw, there is an opportunity to shake up some of the structures," he adds.

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