Authentic killer questions from financial services interviews (II)

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As a follow-up to our recent hit success, 'killer questions asked in financial services interviews', here's a sequel.

All of the questions below have been sent in by site visitors in response to our competition, and all have been encountered by interviewees or asked by interviewers in a financial services context.

Click on them to read the answers that were given/desired, and to learn more about the role in question.

The competition is still running. If you send in your interview questions (for non-graduate interviews), plus your answers by July 16th, we will enter you for a draw to win an iPad. Click here for the full details.

If the banana market is currently at 100, and then moves up 2%, down 5%, up 12%, up 4%, and down 15%, where's the quote now?

How would you describe a credit default swap to a builder?

You're quite good...tell me a question you wouldn't be able to answer please

You have nine balls all of which look identical but one is slightly heavier than the rest...

How would you rate yourself (out of 10) for the following....

Which personal goals have you achieved, and which of them are you most proud of and why?

Please describe to me a situation when you have helped a colleague who was in trouble. What was the situation and how did you try to tackle it?

If you were to describe yourself as an animal, what sort would you be, and why?

If you were a car, which kind of car would you be, and why?

Please tell us how many pound coins would fit into this room, and provide details about how you would go about making the calculation.

Add up 1 to 100

How do you instill an ethical culture within an organisation?

If you had your life over, what would you do differently?

You are sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake and you throw a stone over the side of the boat. What happens next?

"You have perfect CV for bank/ investment bank with all your experiences and your great academic path...."

Can you estimate toothpaste sales in Kazakhstan?

See this empty glass? How many different uses for it can you think of? You have one minute.

We feel that everyone can be described either as a horse, a donkey, or a bird. Which one are you?

We feel that everyone can be described either as a horse, a donkey, or a bird. Which one are you?

Develop a stress scenario for an investment bank and make it as realistic and contemporary as possible.

You have a consulting background and no banking experience. We hate consultants - what value can you bring to the table?

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