Should blogging be a sackable offence?

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US banks aren't exactly known for a glasnost-style approach to employees who talk openly to the press. But when it comes to blogging they err even more on the side of despotism than usual.

Back in August, Citigroup identified and eliminated Michael McCarthy. McCarthy was a trader at the bank who also happened to run Take A Report, a blog featuring women in states of near undress, but which makes no reference to his employer, redundancies or Vikram Pandit.

A month or so later, 1-2 Knockout, an anonymous US blogger writing for an equally anonymous US bank, was allegedly sacked following the revelation that he was writing something which was not a research report.

And Goldman is said to have banned all its employees from using chat rooms or visiting blogs whilst at work.

Is this fair? We think not. Feel free to agree wholeheartedly (or not) below.

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